Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex


Books Available

Flowers & Flower Culture
Agriculture Canada – Annual Flowers for Canada
Beck, Alison & Renwald, Kathy (Lone Pine Publishing) – Perennials for Ontario
Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Handbook on Roses
Bruce, Hal – How to Grow Wildflowers, Trees, & Shrubs in Your Garden
Chesshire, Charles – Clematis, Inspiration, Selection, & Practical Guidance
Cox, Jeff & Marilyn – The Perennial Garden
Countryside Books – Garden Bulbs for Fall Planting
Dennis, John – The Wildlife Gardener
Fell, Derek – Essential Bulbs
Ferguson, Mary & Saunders, Richard – Canadian Wildflowers Through the Seasons
George, Pamela – Lilies
Halpin, Ann – The Naming of Flowers
Harkness, Philip – Reliable Roses
James, I. D. – Orchids
Knapp, Sandra – Plant Discoveries
Larke, Stan – Favourite Flowers for Canadians
Lima, Patrick – Harrowsmith Perennial Gardens
McGeorge, Pamela – Lilies
Murray, Elizabeth – Essential Annuals
Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn (Firefly) – Best Rose Guide-A Comprehensive Selection
Rees, Yvonne – Wildflower Gardening
Rice, Graham – The Sweet Pea
Richards, John – Primula
Rittershausen, Wilma & Brian – Orchids
Sheen (Meerhurst) – The Celebration Flower-Project Book
Stops, G. J. & Pipkin, James – The Country House Garden
Taylor-s Pocket Guide – Annuals
Taylor-s Pocket Guide – Bulbs
Taylor-s Pocket Guide – Roses
Time/Life Books – Roses
Underwood Crockett, James – Wildflower Gardening
Marinelli, Janet – Going Native

Gardens & Gardening
Allison, James (White Cap) – Water in the Garden
Boisset, Caroline – Vertical Gardening
Brickell, Christopher – Essential Gardening Techniques
Brookes, John – Room Outside
Brookes, John – The Country Garden
Brookes, John – The Small Garden
Clifton, Joan – Climbing Gardens
Cruso, Thalassa – Making Things Grow Outdoors
Cunnington, Yvonne – Cluelessness in the Garden
Cushnie, John – Shrubs for the Garden
Daniels, Stevie – The Wild Lawn Handbook
Day, Sonia – The Plant Doctor
Day, Sonia – The Urban Gardener
Douglas, William L. – Hillside Gardening
Eaton, Nicole & Weston, Hillary – In a Canadian Garden
Fawcett, Brian – The Compact Garden
Fish, Margery – Gardening in the Shade
Greig, Denise – Ornamental Foliage Plants
Grosselin, Heather & Johnson, Bob – The Urban Outback-Wetlands for Wildlife
Halpin, Anne M. – The Window Box
Harrowsmith – Northern Gardener
Harper, Pamela J. – Designing with Perennials
Huxley – Anthony – The Painted Garden
Kramer, Jack – Natural Gardens
Llewellyn, Roddy – Elegance & Eccentricity
Lloyd, Christopher – The Well-Tempered Garden
McHoy, Peter M. – Garden Ornaments & Statuary
Millard, Scott – All About Ground Cover
Olser, Mirabel – A Gentle Plea for Chaos
Paterson, Allen – Plants for Shade & Woodland
Patterson, Freeman – The Garden
Pelt, Van & Bell, Leonie – The Fragrant Year
Perry, Frances – Scent in the Garden
Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn – Annuals & Biennials
Plumptree, George – Garden Ornament
Reinhardt, T. & M. & Moskowitz, Mark – Ornamental Grass Gardening
Schultz, Warren – The Chemical-Free Lawn
Smit, Dan & den Hartogh, Nicky – Cacti, The Flowering Garden
Smith, Ken – Gardening
Smith, Ken – Gardening 11
Smith, Marnie – A Country Garden for Your Backyard
Swindells, Philip – The Water Garden Encyclopedia
Thomas, Graham Stuart – The Art of Planting
Toogood, Alan – The Flower Garden
Verey, Rosemary -The Scented Garden

Grenier Simmons, Adelma – Herbs Through the Seasons at Caprilands
Tolley, Emelie & Mead, Chris – Herbs
Zabar, Abbie – The Potted Herb

Historic Gardens
Bisgrove, Richard – The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll
Bond, James & Tiller, Kate – Blenheim – A Landscape for a Palace
Brown, Jane – Gardens of a Golden Afternoon
Brown, Jane – Lanning Roper & His Gardens
DeMedici, Lorenza – The Renaissance Italian Gardens
Jacques, David – Georgian Gardens
Thomas, Graham Stuart – Recreating the Period Garden
Turner, Roger – Capability Brown
Wood, Louise – Behind Those Garden Walls in Historic Savannah

Indoor Gardening
Agriculture Canada – Growing House Plants
Agriculture Canada – Care of Foliage Plants
Boyd, Lizzie – Window Gardens
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – African Violets & Their Relatives
Cruso, Thalassa – Making Things Grow
Donaldson, Stephanie & Berry, Susan – Plants for Small Spaces
Duff, Gail – Natural Fragrances
Dutta, Reginald – Water Gardening Indoors & Out
Ortho Books – The Facts of Light About Indoor Gardening
PET Library – Know Your Aquarium Plants
Philone Pascal P. – Diseases & Pests of Ornamental Plants
Rees, Yvonne & Palliser, David – Conservatory Gardening
Reeves, Ken – Plants Answers That Work
Bradshaw, John – The Indoor Plant Primer

International Gardening
Bush-Brown, James & Louise – America-s Garden Book
Coats, Peter – Great Gardens of Britain
Connolly, Sybil & Dillon, Helen – In an Irish Garden
Dickson, Elizabeth – The English Garden Room
Hannau/Garrard -Flowers of Bermuda
Hunt Williams, Dorothy – Historic Virginia Gardens
Jeckyll, Gertrude – Gardens for Small Country Houses
Loewer, Peter – American Gardens
Louden, John C. – In Search of English Gardens
Masson, Georgina – Italian Gardens
Miller, Naomi – Heavenly Caves
Murck, Alfreda – The Chinese Garden Court
Murray, Elizabeth – Monet-s Passion
Rouse Jr., Park – When Williamsburgh Woke Up
Southern Accents Press – Gardens of the South
Souvenir Books – The Gardens of Chatsworth
Williamsburgh Foundation – The Gardens of Williamsburgh
Woodbridge, Kenneth – The Stourhead Landscape
Fleming, Laurence – The English Garden
Keswick, Maggie – The Chinese Garden

Landscape Gardening
Austin, Richard L. – Designing the Natural Landscape
Balston, Michael – The Well-Furnished Garden
Barwick, JoAnn – House Beautiful – Outdoor Living & Gardens
Boisset, Caroline – Town Gardens
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – Creative Ideas in Garden Design
Burgess. L. M. – Garden Art
Cowell, F.R. – The Garden as a Fine Art
Diekelman, John & Schuster, Robert – Natural Landscaping
Fell, Derek – Garden Accents
Fell, Derek – Garden Designs & Structure
Gottehrer, Dean M. – Natural Landscaping
Grow, Lawrence – Outdoor Living Spaces
Hayward, Gordon – Garden Paths
Idea Books – Decks & Patios
Jarrell, Temple R. – Bike Ways
Kelly, John – Ferns in Your Garden
Maguire, Jack – Outdoor Spaces
Moore, Charles W. – The Poetics of Gardens
Nicholson, Robert – Colour in Your Winter Garden
Ortho Books – Bird Houses & Feeders
Owen, Jane – Eccentric Gardens
Pavord, Anna – Foliage
Smyser, Carol M. – Nature-s Design
Sternberg, Guy & Wilson, Jim – Landscape with Native Trees
Stevens, David – Pergolas, Arbors & Gazebos
Strombeck, Janet & Richard – Bridges & Cupolas
Strombeck, Janet & Richard – Privy
Strong, Roy – Small Garden Designer-s Handbook
Wilkinson, Elizabeth & Henderson, M. – The House of Boughs
Wilson, Andrew – Garden Style Source Book
Wilson, Jim (Houghton Mifflin) – Landscaping with Wildflowers, An Environmental Approach to Gardening

Barrett (Firefly) – Maples
Bennett, Jennifer – Berries
Bennett, Jennifer – Fruit Trees
Blackburne-Maze, Peter – Fruit, An Illustrated History
Gardiner, J. M. – Magnolias
Harris, Richard W. – Arboriculture
Harrison, Charles R. – Ornamental Conifers
Kramer, Jack – Indoor Trees
Marinelli, Janet – Growing Fruits
Marinelli, Janet – Growing Trees
Miller, Howard & Lamb, Samuel – Oaks of North America
Murphy, Richard & Meyer Wm. – The Care & Feeding of Trees
Taylor Pocket Guide – Flowering Shrubs
University of Waterloo – Conserving Carolinian Canada
Weiner, Michael A. – Plant a Tree
Zion, Robert L. – Trees for Architecture & the Landscape
Vanpeh, Wilson – The Fragrant Year
Paterson, Allen – Best Trees For Your Garden
Rees, Anthony & Yvonne – Designing With Trees