Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex

Children’s Workshop

The Friends LCGC are participating in the City of London Play Your Way course “Little Gardeners”
Before our shutdown this month (we are not in the greenhouse presently) there were 4 classes for 6 to 9 yr. olds starting Jan. 18.
But now these 4 classes are cancelled and merged into the last 4 classes starting Feb. 15. Now 6 to 12 year olds.
Our partners include The Garden Club of London, Thames Talbot Land Trust, and The London Middlesex Master Gardeners who will also be teaching 1 class each. Held on Tuesday evenings at 6 – 7 pm, Civic Garden Complex, 625 Springbank Dr., London ,ON
These workshops offer some gardening fun, knowledge and creativity during the cold winter months. Hope to see you there!
To register please visit this link. Click on “Register”, Select “Wellness” then “Outdoor/ Nature”

‘Little Gardeners’ – Workshop
Feb. 15 Create a kitchen garden with The London Middlesex Master Gardeners. You will sow vegetable and herb seeds and learn how to care for them until harvest.
Feb. 22 The Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex will walk you through potting up tropical houseplants. Learn what their importance is in your home and garden.
Mar. 1 Thames Talbot Land Trust will show you how to make a bee home and clay seed ball for our little bee friends.
Mar. 8 Have fun with flowers with The Garden Club of London and create a St. Patrick’s Day table centerpiece with fresh flowers, greenery and decorations.